Please Stop with This Nonsense, says r/Conspiracy mod defending David Duke


“We don’t ban domains, so throwing your arms up in outrage that a certain domain (owned by the former Grand Wizard of the KKK) was posted here is a futile effort on our part…please stop with this nonsense.”

So what story were they rushing to defend and how anti-Semitic was it?

Revelations made in the latest issue of Newsweek magazine that Israel engages in massive spying against America are “anti-Semitic,” one of Israel’s leading newspapers has said—while their fellow tribalists who control the US mass media have blacked out coverage of the story.”

This is the kind of reporting you just don’t get in the LAMESTREAM MEDIA, because of reasons of “basic human decency”, that most cunning of conspiracies.

Postscript: the comments asking for the domain of, again, a notorious racist, to be banned are deleted because WE DON’T CENSOR BLARGH (except if you criticize, again, a notorious racist. Then that’s just mean and must be censored, clearly.)