7 Tactics THEY use to brainwash you into not being able to astral project, or something

An opinion piece from “Humans Are Free”, whose other stories include “Billionaires and Mega-Banks are Buying Up the World’s Water”, “This Year’s Bilderberg Meeting Will Probably Discuss The Global Awakening” and “Santa Barbara Drive By Mass Shooting Hoax Exposed”. Clearly a Pulitzer-worthy news source.

The title: brainwashing


I love the “They” always cited by conspiracy theorists. Who is They? They is They. The site also runs the story “Maybe ‘They’ Are Not Human?” Perhaps the world is ruled by a secret cabal of Otherkin.

From birth, virtually all of us have been brainwashed through various outlets that encourage materialism, ego, subservience, control and conformity…

And as always this random blog purports to know how you’ve been brainwashed and why, as it’s always random bloggers who unravel THEIR plans.

This is just a typical article along these lines for a while, but it will later spiral out in magical new directions.

1. Religion

Many parents do not question baptism or the origins of it and blindly have their children baptized as the church welcomes them into the community in the name of Jesus Christ. The Jesus story, alone, isn’t questioned by enough Christians who blindly believe anything they are told in the name of “faith”.

The notion that Christians are all mindless sheep who do as their told is of course bunk. If they just did what they were told, do you think there’d be as many random sects, formed by people who think their interpretation of the Bible is the correct one?

Pictured: A conspiracy theorist’s nightmares.

Always hilarious: when conspiracy theorists accuse others of believing things blindly. Since they’re the TRUE FREETHINKERS…IE, people who believe whatever they see in random YouTube videos as the truth.

And we haven’t even touched all of the unnecessary deaths through inquisitions and crusades which continue today. Killing innocent people seems to have a common theme in religion and is carried on to our children as they become toddlers.

With the idea planted that it is alright to kill in the name of God, our children begin to emulate these preconceived ideas through the games they play. 

And thus they lead into the next thing used by THEM! to brainwash your children.

2. Ridiculous role models

Boys play with cork guns and cap guns and begin to play “Cowboys and Indians” at a young age.  Think about how appalling this is, not only to indigenous people but also teaching a child to kill as a “game”.

Yeah, it’s unfortunate that deadly violence becomes a game to children. But Cowboys and Indians? Really? Imagine that in 2014.

“Hey Bob, wanna come over to my house and play Cowboys and Indians?”

“How about we just play Call of Duty and insult adults over the voice mic instead.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot we live in a world with modern technology. Good idea.”

It goes on to decry the militarism of GI Joe and sexism of Barbie which, fair enough. Both give bad messages to children, though at least they inspired the Barbie Liberation Front.

3. Money, ego and materialism

We often ask our children, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Rarely does a child say, “A healer” or “A yoga instructor”.

The world is BRAINWASHED and that’s why your kids don’t want to be yoga instructors. Of course.

But note how they say children rarely want to become “healers”…

Often, a parent will help to persuade a child into a lucrative job role such becoming a doctor or lawyer. 

Parents will push their kids into being doctors instead of healers.

Doctors. Instead of healers.

Doctors: apparently not healers? Then what the fuck is a healer?

4. Divide and conquer techniques

Our children are taught how to play sports and the importance of winning. While sports provide exercise and promote physical dexterity and good health, they also play into the “divide and conquer” mentality that our children will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

How many asinine arguments have you seen between two grown men arguing whose team or player is better than the other? First of all, it’s not “their” team unless they have physical ownership of it.

Secondly, the two players they’re arguing about probably could care less about their argument.

Imagine this logic in other contexts. You’re arguing about politics? Well the President could care less about your argument, so all discussion of politics is clearly asinine.

Lastly, these two people are too blind to see how they’re still buying into the divide and conquer mentality that was engrained within them since they began playing “Cowboys and Indians” at a young age. 


The game is blatantly being played before our own eyes, yet many of us fail to see it. For example, if the Dallas cowboys were to play the Kansas City Chiefs (or Washington Redskins), then you have your classic “Cowboys vs. Indians” matchup. It’s all about “My tribe” is better than “Your Tribe” which keeps us separated as people. 

Um, I’m talking about tribal conflicts…and I gotta bring up that metaphor I used earlier…and after all, Native American team names are so beloved and widely accepted that this describes a conflict no one ever questions. Because THEY brainwashed you with…sports?

5. Television

Many of us grew up watching television which can be a humorous outlet or an opportunity to actually learn something, but for the most part, it gets us accustomed and hypnotized into subservience once our brains enter the alpha state of conditioning.

Rants about television seem to outlast every change in television. Not long ago I saw a Salon article (of course) arguing against the “Golden Age of TV Drama” by claiming that every minute you spend watching Mad Men is a minute you could be fighting global warming, because enjoying yourself at 10/9 central on a Sunday night is just wrong. It’s a bizarre argument that seems to believe you must be doing something meaningful every minute of every day, and can’t possibly care about more than one thing at the same time. Someone can fight global warming during the day and watch TV at night, and acting like TV literally brainwashes you is weird.

How many times have you sat through a commercial, knowing fully how much you despise the commercial without changing the channel?

Get a DVR.

It goes on to cite Bandura and decry how few companies control the media, before concluding with:

Even the word “programming” should be questioned, because this is exactly what brainwashing does… it programs our minds and especially, the minds of children who are easily influenced.

Programming…a schedule? No, you’re brainwashing kids. Into playing Cowboys and Indians, apparently.

What have we learned so far?

  • TV, sports and religion all brainwash you.
  • They make you subservient, violent and divided.
  • Doctors are not healers.

But what’s next, what’s next is magical:

6. Education

Our educational systems encourage conformity and competition while suppressing or ignoring any special abilities a child may have, such as the ability to have an out of body experience.

Education keeps your kids from having…a…huh…I’m gonna stop you right there, chief: what the hell are you talking about?

This post was cross-posted to a blog. Its author explains:

Have you had an out-of-body experience? They acan really be quite grand. . . 🙂 How do you think the indigenous people share information and stay in contact? 🙂 🙂 🙂 They are really quite amazing 🙂

…know the indigenous are the secret to our understanding what is coming. Everything is really about our inner lives. I had an out-of-body experience, and then I also traveled – just once – astrally, but I decided to come back. It wasn’t for me . . . but I know this is how the indigenous communicate over long distances . . . they don’t need planes 🙂 Hugs

Ah yes, the Noble Savage, who has knowledge us Corrupt Westerners just cannot understand because we’ve been educated stupid, to quote Time Cube.

That’s why people in undeveloped countries, or areas without schools, have all those superpowers. WHY DO OUR EVIL WESTERN TEACHERS HAVE TO TEACH US MATH WHEN THEY COULD BE MAKING US INTO LITERAL X-MEN LIKE THE ABORIGINES

In addition, our children are not learning the true history of our origin while being forced to learn a propaganda filled view of what history looks like through biased eyes.

GUESS WHO THE HISTORY BOOKS ARE BIASED IN FAVOR OF (hint: it’s the chosen people whom conspiracy theorists blame everything on!)

The textbooks our children read are printed by companies who, ultimately, are Zionist owned.

So what have we learned so far?

  • Jews are keeping your children from astral projecting like the Aborigines.

“They” are truly devious.


7. Health

In a recent article entitled, “The HIDDEN History of Fluoride” the addition to fluoride in our water supply as well as in chemtrails has helped to dumb down the population in order to make us more subservient and controllable.

I’m always amazed to see people who are anti-fluoride in 2013. To be fair, they’re mostly concentrated in Portland. But it’s such a 50s thing – in that it’s been used safely in every other city in the US for half a century. Hell, this article cites the Soviet use of it to call for its ban.

If fluoride has been proven to create subservience in prison and concentration camps…

[Citation Needed]

But hey, in an era where people question vaccines, I’m sure fluoride denialism was just ripe for a comeback.

One must also question the insurmountable number of vaccines our children receive. There is NO amount of mercury that is acceptable in the human body, so one must ask how ANY mercury will affect our newborn children?

I don’t know, but I do know that thimerosal isn’t even in vaccines anymore.


What can I do about this?

1. Realize that as long as there is money, we are ALL economic slaves

2. Ask questions… a lot of them!

For example, because of corporate greed, we are creating an unsustainable society.  The use of “fossil fuels” is a ridiculous proposition within itself to assume that all of the world’s oil came from decomposed dinosaurs, but it’s even more asinine to assume we even need oil for fuel when hydro technologies are available, such as the water powered car invented by Stanley Meyer or Tesla’s free energy system.

Alternative energy is a valid cause. So naturally they cite Tesla and a convicted fraudster’s Perpetual Motion Machine (as usual with these sites, every link goes to…another new age or conspiracy site).

3. Think Outside the Box!

Our educational system does not encourage creative thinking and the majority of what our children learn is all left-hemisphere thinking, which is mathematical and logic based, instead of right hemisphered, which is artistic and creative.

Right and left brain hemispheres is a myth. In actuality, functions are split across the brain. And why would thinking based off of logic and mathematics not be creative, or be bad? You can’t be logical and creative?


By doing so, our children are essentially being trained to work either inside a cubicle or at a fast food restaurant because they never learned the tools of creativity and how to follow their life purpose versus being forced into the corporate world of economic subservience until they are 65 years old.

Yes, that’s why there are no young musicians, artists, authors or actors, and that’s why young people never invent new technologies or ideas. Because no young people are allowed to be creative because they were taught all that logic!


There are no state-sponsored propaganda channels in the United States, and it’s hard to describe, say, the BBC as “state propaganda”, so…

Watching TV is arguably the #1 brainwashing tool of the corporate elite as the television will tell you what to wear and how to think while taking away your own ability to think critically for yourself.

TV audiences are known to look at one costume choice and construct elaborate theories around how one character in a show is going to die like Sharon Tate. Railing against mainstream media inaccuracies is itself mainstream, and CNN’s widely mocked. It’s safe to say people think for themselves when watching TV.

The news programs are designed to keep us living in perpetual fear because when we live in fear, we move further away from our true spiritual essence.

Nowadays news programs tend to just live in perpetual speculation about where planes are. But the gosh-darned MAINSTREAM MEDIA is taking you away from your SPIRITUAL ESSENCE

(Remember, religion? EVIL BRAINWASHING TOOL OF ‘THEY’. Generic spirituality? THE BIGGEST ENEMY OF ‘THEY’. Christians are ridiculous for believing in God, but conspiracy theorists are bold freethinkers for believing Aborigines astral project instead of calling long-distance.)

The commercials are just as bad as any “programming”. Most TV commercials show extroverts who are specifically dressed in a certain way with clothing that appeals to your senses in subliminal ways.

The random use of “extroverts” reminds me of those awful Tumblr posts about how introverts are all ENLIGHTENED INTELLECTUALS WHO ALWAYS READ BOOKS and extroverts are always vacuous party-goers. TV ads show you extroverts, wearing clothes! Another dastardly plot by They!

5. Try to eliminate as much fluoride from your daily routine.

Not only does fluoride help to contribute to a more subservient population, it also calcifies your pineal gland, otherwise known as the “3rd eye”.

Sigh, more fluoride nonse-wait, what?

Your pineal gland is a gateway to other dimensions, so if it is calcified, then you will be limiting your utmost ability for creative thought and expression as well as dimming your spiritual connection to Creator and your higher self.

Does your pineal gland let you see other dimensions, or is it a literal gateway to other dimensions? The latter sounds a bit painful.

Calcification will dim your connection to the Creator – again, this is an article that began by trashing religion, and now it’s saying you need to use your third eye to contact “the Creator”. Religion: not brainwashing if it’s dressed up in new age trappings.

The further you move away from spirituality, the easier it is for you to be controlled.

The further you move away from spirituality, the easier it is for you to be controlled…by religion, the first thing this article attacked. Uhhhhhhh….

6. Research the detriments of vaccinations

That’ll take about a minute, considering there are none.

7. Do NOT ingest any genetically modified foods (or processed foods)

Wait…this article’s warned against fluoride, vaccine and GMOs? Can it be? Yes, we have a denialist hat trick!

One thing you might want to consider is the poison that is built into specific foods, such as GMO corn. When a bug eats GMO corn, it explodes from the inside out because the BT Toxin is not in the husk of the corn, but it the corn, itself. Imagine what this corn is doing to you and your children?

A pesticide in the corn kills a bug. What might this pesticide do to your own, non-insect family??? Really makes ya think.

A pesticide used naturally for decades, no less.

8. Teach your children how to meditate

Meditation has the potential to literally transform the world. In 1978, what is known as the “Maharishi Effect” a group of 7,000 individuals over the course of 3 weeks were meditating in hopes of positively effecting the surrounding city.

They were able to literally transform the collective energy of the city which reduced global crime rates, violence, and casualties during the times of their meditation by an average of 16%.

A reference to the Maharishi Yogi? What year is this? Cowboys and Indians, the Maharishi Effect, fluoride…WHEN AM I.

When you meditate, you look within for answers instead of relying on other people’s opinions, whether religious, political or educational. The truth is ALWAYS within.

Meditation makes you a true freethinker, says an article that just told you need to meditate in order to think freely.

Can you envision a world without money?

If you can’t envision a world without money, then you will probably have a difficult time understanding the future, especially if you watch a lot of television.

People who watch television are literally morons who can’t think, you guys.

In the future, when a child is asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” they will answer, “Me” and will have a concrete idea who “me” is versus the children who have been raised to worship the almighty dollar as they blindly follow the flock ahead of them through religious and educational institutions.

It’s bizarre to think that a money-free economy wouldn’t have jobs. Surely a kid would still say “I want to be a scientist!” or “I want to be a doctor HEALER WHICH IS APPARENTLY NOT THE SAME THING AS A DOCTOR”, even without money as a motivator?

We have been brainwashed for over 2,000 years. It’s time to break the chains.

Over 2,000 years. Capitalism didn’t exist before then, and obviously religion only began with Jesus.

So what have we learned from this New Age nonsense GENIUS KNOWLEDGE FROM TOP MINDS?

  • You have a THIRD EYE that’s being kept back by FLUORIDE.
  • Your kids could astral project if only it weren’t for that dastardly Common Core. Thanks, Obama!
  • Religion is evil, but acknowledging a Creator with your THIRD EYE is good.
  • Healers ≠ Doctors