Surprise: Reddit is Terrible and Anti-Semitic

Pictured: Reddit.

A man on Reddit posted an image of their Holocaust survivor grandfather: their tattoos, and their meeting with a fellow survivor. 94% of people have upvoted it, but some weren’t happy. Why is this? SEE IF YOU CAN GUESS WHY:

1. anti-Semitism?

2. Anti-Semitism?

3. Orrrrrrrrrrrrr…Anti-Semitism?

conspiracyYes, this image of someone’s grandfather? IS TOTALLY A DISTRACTION FROM GAZA. Because, uh, Jews?

See, r/conspiracy apparently believes anyone defending Israel online is a paid shill (who are these paid shills for conspiracies, by the way? When will get all that sweet Jewish Illuminati Freemason Reptile money?). And now, apparently, anyone who mentions anything Jewish is now just trying to distract people from Israel’s activities or make them sympathize with Israel.

Now, being anti-Israel isn’t the same thing as being anti-Semitic…but yeah, Reddit’s pretty firmly anti-Semitic. They also do not seem to understand what Zionism is.

(Unrelated: r/holocaust? Is run by Holocaust deniers. The actual Reddit for Holocaust remembrance and discussion is HaShoah.)

Some highlights:

Asking the poster to prove they aren’t a shill; 100 bucks that it isn’t his grandfather. OP posts an image of him with his grandfather; wonder if the conspiracy theorist will pay up?



Reddit’s not anti-Semitic. They just think ANY story about Jews is shilling for Israel! You have to be naïve to think people aren’t being paid to post completely unrelated stories about Holocaust survivors in some convoluted, idiotic scheme to make people like Israel by posting stories about Holocaust survivors that don’t mention Israel or Palestine at all.

Note: The guy who thinks this is shit? -13. “Shill detected”? +38!

“Shill so people feel bad about Israel and ignore the warcrimes they are currently commiting.” +2

“But only an idiot would correlate the two. Why would something that happened to this incredibly old man make me think about Israeli Jews now? That is a bizzare logical leap to make just because they most likely share the same religion.” +2

Again: both comments? Equal!

Some more upvoted statements from Reddit’s shitheads ENLIGHTENED DEBATERS:

“OP has no former post or comment. created account for obvious propaganda bullshit.” +29

“A lot of Jew related posts lately……Could it have anything to do with Gaza? Hmmmmmmm I wonder……..” +27

“Obvious JIDF is Obvious” +30

“Exactly. Assinate hundreds of Palestinians, bad press is out there. Hey look at this Holocaust surviver…” +17

“Wow 4500 upvotes and 1111 comments in less than 4 hours on a Sunday night. Oh and the txbex account was created today. Israel is definitely winning the propaganda war. Good job making people forget about the hundreds of murdered children in Gaza” +27

“anyone else think it’s funny this account was created with sole purpose of posting this crap? No other posts or comments.

“Looks like the jidf is out in full force to sway opinion for their genocide in gaza.” +55

“I’m an average Irish American guy– no skin in the game either way. I grew up sympthizing with the holocaust survivors… and now looking at the way the palestinians have been treated, I find I just cant anymore…” +15

“Why do we never hear or learn about the blacks, catholics or freemasons or really any other group of people that were murdered in the holocaust? It’s either jews or nothing.” + 14


One person brings up the Holodomor and wishes it got more attention. Sure, it is a genocide deserving of notice…but then we see that he thinks it should be given more attention because it was orchestrated by a Jewish person. Fuck, that went south so quickly.

Posts about people’s respect for their grandfather, or remembering what their own ancestors went through sit at under 10 points. Now, most comments are deleted, but the fact that they existed  is awful – and the r/conspiracy thread does remain. Luckily, the top comments there are sensible.

But fuck, just look at this. You can be anti-Israel and not anti-Semitic, but Reddit’s anti-Israel and anti-Semitic. They conflate all Jews with Israel’s government when not even every Israeli agrees with everything that happens there, much less diasporic Jews. Here, someone wanted to show everyone their grandfather, who survived a terrible genocide – and people thought it had to be a plot, it had to be paid agents of Israel. That this post doesn’t once mention Israel was besides the point: any story about Jews that isn’t negative is propaganda to them.

In fact, the post just says the grandfather was a Holocaust survivor. It doesn’t even say they’re Jewish! It’s likely, but they could also be Romani, or homosexual, or a Jehovah’s Witness, or one of the Slavic peoples, or even an anti-Nazi German.

Every traditional anti-Semitic is trotted out; Hell, some people here even seem to think they control the media. Anything was used as evidence that it was somehow suspect: this photo was upvoted too quickly, so that’s clearly Israel. The account that posted it was new, so they must be a shill (wouldn’t a skilled conspiracy use established accounts to evade suspicion?). It’s terrifying nonsense.