Man Who Thinks WWII Never Happened Strikes Back At Haters With a Song

Dave J is back! He who does not believe WWII happened, who somehow has grown less comprehensible over time. And now, he’s striking back at haters – with music!

Adopting the persona of Pedro, who’s going to sing a song to the hater contingent, because they “have no creativity whatsoever” and he needs to do it for them. An unexplained second voice accompanies Dave J and “Pedro”. A song for all those weird, wacky ideas that sounds like beat poetry, were the sound good enough to discern anything. Something something moon. The title is “Dave j is so stupid we have to Get pretty HIGH Hoax song” and I don’t doubt he was very, very high when making this. And maybe a bit homophobic.

“You evil men just go look at the light in the sky you call the moon/for me, every day, rockets blast off/And NASA can’t tell me no wrong…”

Watch it below:

That’s No Moon, That’s a…Hologram, Just Like the Real Moon, WHICH I REMIND YOU IS NOT REAL

I don’t believe we landed on the Moon. This isn’t because of the flag waving or anything wrong with the gravity. The moon landing is a hoax because THE MOON IS NOT REAL

The SHADOW GOVERNMENT has gone too damn far and yet the SHEEPLE keep lapping it up. They’re always out there looking at the Moon like they don’t know THE MOON IS A HOLOGRAM. It makes me sick that these people don’t know the truth like I do. Ignorant Sheeple!

How far back has this been going on? WHERE DOES THE RABBIT HOLE START? Let’s go down the rabbit hole here. Have you seen a SINGLE PHOTOGRAPH of the Moon from before the 19th century? I DON’T THINK SO. So Queen Victoria is the one who started this scheme. Who knew her aims, but I’m sure they weren’t pretty – just like she must not have been, to remain a virgin her whole life.

Werewolf MediaI have a friend who lives down on Bray Road and they point out the effect on werewolves. IN FACT, HAVE YOU SEEN ANY WEREWOLVES LATELY? They seem to have disappeared from the historical record…JUST BEFORE THE 19TH CENTURY. COINCIDENCE? SURE, OF COURSE IT IS, YOU IGNORANT SHEEPLE. The holographic moon clearly stops them from transforming. Maybe they were peaceful, majestic creatures and all this Hollywood propaganda portraying them as murderous is just a scheme to demean them and support the HOLOGRAPHIC MOON REGIME?

How many people have been killed to keep the TRUTH from the people? I might be next! You never know what evil depths the MOON OVERLORDS will sink to.

Where do they project the Moon hologram from? What a stupid question. It’s from the tenth planet Nibiru, which has been making its way to the Earth for the last few centuries – HMMM, AND WHEN DID THE MOON FIRST APPEAR AGAIN!?!  They’re trying to prepare us for the COMING CATACLYSM – yeah, so when Nibiru appears they’ll shut off the Moon hologram and we will never know the difference. This is so self-evidently obvious if you’re an ENLIGHTENED GENIUS like me but I know your ignorant Sheeple brain has such a problem comprehending these objective, understandable facts.

There’s a principle called Ockam’s Razor that says the simplest explanation is always the best one, and what’s simpler? A GIGANTIC, ANCIENT BALL OF ROCK orbiting our world, that’s been around for millennia but people never thought to go there until recently, or it just being a hologram?

Here’s a question: have you EVER been to the Moon? Of course not. Only a few astronauts ever have. Hmm…why aren’t they sending us ALL there if the Moon exists, I ask you? WHY DON’T WE ALL HAVE MOON ROCKS? Oh right, because the Moon is a fucking Hologram and you have been LIED TO by the powerful lobbyists for Big Moon.

My organization Astronomers for Moon Truth will do all they can to expose the truth, but it may not be enough. THEY’VE BEEN IMPLANTING MOON-BELIEF IN US FOR SO LONG WE MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO UNDO THE DAMAGE THEY HAVE DONE TO WEREWOLVES AND ALL THOSE WHO KNOW THE TRUTH. Wake up, Sheeple! Where is the outrage!

“That’s a Mannequin”: In Which I Reach My Breaking Point

One uncomfortable aspect to running a blog like this is the question: am I mocking the mentally ill? Well, are conspiracy theorists mentally ill?

I don’t think so. Not generally. You don’t have to be insane to believe wrong things. Continue reading