Kay: We’re gonna check the hot sheets.

Jay: THESE are the hot sheets?

Kay: Best investigative reporting on the planet. But go ahead, read the New York Times if you want. They get lucky sometimes.

newsCongratulations, r/WorldNews. You are IRRELEVANT for…citing news sources usually regarded as reliable!

So let’s see what journalistic sources r/conspiracy relies on for THE TRUTH.

The most cited news source in the week’s top 25 submissions (excluding text posts, which were all rants about r/WorldNews anyway) are:

IMGUR. Nine submissions, including:

  • Two Imgur albums of images where arrows are pointed at random things in images of the Boston bombing, somehow proving it’s a conspiracy. One of these albums is thirty-seven images long.
  • Uncited quotes from famous people.
  • Two images of the Gaza bombing that killed those four teenagers. You “won’t see this on MSM news”, the title promises. I first heard about this story when it was discussed on MSNBC IT WAS FIRST REPORTED BY NBC. Notably, there are many news stories on this event one could link to instead of contextless images – but citing real news wouldn’t help you PROVE that the LAMESTREAM MEDIA is keeping it all secret.
  • A uncited political cartoon
  • And the week’s top submission, a quote from Joe Rogan. The favorite of TOP MINDS everywhere!

REAL NEWS. Seven submissions, including:

  • A Chicago Sun-Times story about a poll.
  • A Rolling Stone article on price-fixing that opens by apologizing to conspiracy theorists
  • Business Insider
  • Two Huffington Post articles, including one quoting noted political expert Eddie Vedder.
  • Raw Story
  • Politico

ACTIVIST SITES. Two submissions from Avaaz.org and Storyofstuff.org.


The lead image on one of those veteran's sites.
The lead image on one of those veteran’s sites.


“Liberty Blitzkrieg”.

From Liberty Blitzkrieg.
From Liberty Blitzkrieg.

“Truth Code”.

Truth Code
Truth Code

“The Free Thought Project”.


“Police State USA” (which seems to report on police brutality, mainly)


AND FINALLY, the latest Weird Al video.

What have we learned today?

The Guardian and BBC are unreliable, but you can always trust LIBERTY BLITZKREIG; screencap news stories you see to share on Imgur instead of linking, so that you can claim no one in the LAMESTREAM MEDIA is covering the story; even conspiracy theorists like Weird Al.

“It’s the age of the Tea Party, all government is bad. That’s why they threw an amazing, award-winning plan into the trash.”

Conspiracy theories are, generally, harmless. They may become a target of unhealthy obsession for their advocates, but they usually don’t harm anyone else in and of themselves. But this isn’t always the case. Sometimes conspiracy theorists can harm the people, and world, around them.

Agenda 21: a non-binding UN resolution calling for sustainable development. Passed in 1992 and signed by many world leaders, including George H. W. Bush.

But if you ask conspiracy theorists, Agenda 21 is something far more sinister. It’s a threat to American sovereignty, it’s a plot to take away your property, it’s going to destroy the Constitution!

And that’s why people fought an award-winning development plan in Baldwin County, Alabama and killed it in 2012. Smart growth and urban development had become something more:

“This battle is more than just planning,” the county commission’s chairman, Robert James, said that day. “This is to protect the Constitution of the United States and what’s in it and, to me, even the Ten Commandments that God gave us.”

In attacking the Baldwin County comprehensive plan, James, the county commission chairman, invoked the names of Hitler and Stalin, Mao and Mussolini, and how their “plans, guides, outlines” resulted in the deaths of millions of people.

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“Is this America, or is it Stalin’s Russia?” says person freely allowed to advocate seceding from his country


So the League of the South had a billboard up in Alabama: SECEDE, only for this message to be understandably removed (source: Raw Story).

League of the South, which has been designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, calls for southern states to secede and set up a Christian theocracy ruled by “Anglo-Celtic” elites.

Who could object to such a charming bunch of folks? They value freedom so much they want to replace a democracy with a theocratic state.

“The message is not offensive, it’s not immoral or unethical,” said [League of the South co-founder] Hill, who concedes the message is controversial.

Ah yes, the ol’ “I’m not bigoted, because I said I’m not bigoted” defense.

Group members earlier this month protested the SPLC’s lawsuit seeking to overturn Alabama’s ban on same-sex marriage, and Hill issued a press release at the time mocking the civil rights group’s officials as overweight, Jewish homosexuals.

Charming, mature intellectuals. I’d trust them to run a country.

“Is this America, or is it Stalin’s Russia, where you shut down any opposition and dissent?” [Hill] said.

Here, let me answer this for you: it’s America.

If this were Stalin’s Russia, you wouldn’t be allowed to put up a billboard urging seceding from the state. You’d be sent to the gulag, not have your billboard taken down by an advertising firm.

His message was brought down…by an advertising company, not the government. The government does not care. Hell, they didn’t do anything to stop the secession petitions on the White House’s own website.

It’s an amazing, yet persistent, persecution complex. The central assumption: you have free speech to say something offensive, but no one has the free speech to call what you say offensive. And America is just like North Korea or the Soviet Union because you might be asked to bring down that billboard urging secession from the country that you were freely, and legally, allowed to put up.

Here’s an amazing example of this line of thinking:

Sweden wants to build a perfect society. Just like Stalin! And they might not shoot citizens, but they do call racist people racist. Just like Kim-Jong Un!

Is your country like Soviet Russia? If you can ask that question freely, then the answer is no.